Рokemon the treasure is all mine

The Pokemon TV show is very popular and is watched in many countries. Young Pokemon fans love to see their favorite Pokemon characters on this show. Hence, this show enjoys a lot of fan following. Every episode is full of fun and excitement. We come to know something new about our favorite Pokemons in these episodes.

An Amazing Pokemon EpisodeOne such episode that was liked by many is called Pokemon the treasure is all mine. This is the episode number 48 and features in the season 12 of this show. It is interesting for a lot of reasons.

Рokemon the treasure is all mineAbout This Episode

In this episode, we see a treasure chest that is discovered. This chest was buried by James a long time ago. James is the one who discovers it. He wants to destroy it before it can do any harm. Meanwhile, Ash and Dawn decide to have a battle.

Рokemon the treasure is all mineThis episode is full of interesting events. You can watch Pokemon the treasure is all mine online. Many video streaming services have this episode. You will enjoy watching it. There are many websites where you can watch it for free. If you are a Pokemon fan wants to watch a fun episode, this episode is recommended for you.

Рokemon the treasure is all mine