Learn How To Get Surf In Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal is one of the many amazing Pokemon games. You will love to play this game and see the various new concepts and ideas it has. This game is appreciated by many gamers around the world. Getting SurfSurf is one of the most interesting parts of this game.

People perform various activities in this game to do well. As the game progresses, there are new things that unfold. These things make the game more interesting. If you are wondering how to get Surf in Pokemon Crystal, it is very easy.

how to get surf in pokemon crystalTo get Surf, you have to fight the kimono women in the building. This building is located in the city of Ecruteak. You fight these women and then get surf from the owner of this house. In this manner, you will surf easily.

how to get surf in pokemon crystalClear Levels. You must play this game carefully and clear all the stages to get to this stage in the game. Fighting kimono women is not very easy. However, with some practice, you should be able to do it. You will love using the surf once you get it. This is a wonderful feature that makes the game more exciting. So now you know how to get surf in Pokemon Crystal.

how to get surf in pokemon crystal